Fearnleys specializes in providing its clientele with sound business advice, innovative solutions to a broad spectre of commercial problems, professional execution of all manner of transactions, and full access to shipping markets.

Among the professional services which the company is able to offer are chartering and brokerage services, strategic advice, logistical support and market research and consultancy services. With a worldwide presence in all major shipping markets and with a proud history of more than 130 years of service to the marine industry, Fearnleys is more than qualified to answer the needs of its clients. On a daily basis Fearnleys´ professionals rely on a combination of market intelligence, understanding and insight, combined with the global coverage a multinational shipping organization can provide, in order to assist clients in seizing opportunities and in managing risk.

Fearnleys means reliability and steadfastness today and in the future. Treating our clients as partners and sharing what we know with them has been a strategy that has paid countless dividends both for us and for those we serve.

The Astrup Fearnley group has a solid economic position as a result of its success in serving its many clients; this means that the group is able to concentrate on providing service instead of having to worry about survival.

Fearnleys Weekly


The activity for Vlcc’s in the meg for February remains slow and the monthly count is lagging. A short month yes , but after more than 30 ships have been taken on period over the last month it may be the main reason....

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Dry bulk

The week started out at low levels with low activity, and as the week went on it only got worse. In both hemispheres we see a general lack of cargoes in the market and it is not unusual that ships have to idle for a f...

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The VLGC spot market shot up to nearly 90 Dollars (Ras Tanura/Japan basis) before it took a break. In net results we are talking roughly USD 75,000 per day on a modern vessel - the highest spot returns since middle of...

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Very interesting developments in the world of LNG this week. Two first timers entered the exclusive league of LNG builders. Although the Dalian orders on the back of APLNG cargos was expected, it has been most welcom...

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