Fearnresearch Philosophy

Fearnleys established its structured shipping market research department in 1960. This came about because the company decided to hire a research manager to prepare world shipping statistics and related maritime analytics, and these activities soon evolved into Fearnresearch, the department we know today.

 Our present activities are not essentially much different now than they were almost 60 years ago. The search for information and knowledge about factors impacting market balance is still our core activity. 

Fearnresearch provides a steady flow of analyses and reports covering the Dry Bulk, Tanker, LPG, LNG, and Car Carrier markets, including specialized sub-segments of those markets. A key activity of the department is monitoring world seaborne trade, with the primary purpose of estimating world shipping demand in the transportation sector. This activity had already begun in the early 1960s (calculating and writing in long hand!)) and continues today using satellite data, computers, and algorithms.

We carry out market projections and design short-, medium- and long-term shipping strategies. We also forecast freight rates, vessel prices, newbuilding demand, and seaborne trade.

We maintain several thousand time-series, covering price, value, freight rate, fleet, imports/exports, and production/consumption data. All of this enables us to provide the knowledge services requested by our clients and colleagues.

Along with collecting and analysing industry-relevant data, we believe that our historical experience and our continually-upgraded qualifications enable us to offer sound and timely advice about the effects of regulatory, technical, and financial issues as well.

One could easily say that Fearnresearch manages the collective memory of Fearnleys and guards the integrity of the company’s fundamental principles by doing so.  We exist to make these principles and this knowledge available for use in serving Fearnleys’ business clients as well as in sustaining our colleagues at home and abroad.

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