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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Fearngas has offices in Oslo and Singapore. Each office is made up of experienced brokers that are integrated with both a conscientious operations team and  a research and market intelligence unit that focuses on all aspects of gas and petrochemical shipping.


Our tanker department, with offices situated in Oslo, London, Singapore and Beijing, comprises a highly competent and proactive team of shipbrokers,. Facilitating the movement of tankers worldwide, we are a crucial element in the lifeblood of the world economy.


In the fast-moving dry cargo market, clients of Fearnley’s Global Fearnbulk organisation have access to market opportunities that are enriched by experienced advice from our expert personnel. Our dry cargo desks are strategically located at the Fearnleys offices in Oslo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai and London.


Fearnleys has worked in the Car Carrier and Roll On, Roll Off (RORO) sectors of the maritime industry for decades. We are able to provide all the services required throughout the life cycle of each vessel, from financing of newbuilds to demolition.


Fearnsale is actively involved in selling and purchasing second-hand vessels world-wide. Our work is supported by in-depth market analyses that enable us to identify and develop opportunities for our clients.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Fearnleys has been a pioneer in the gas carrier markets, focusing on LNG.  We have seven offices world-wide.


Fearnleys has a strong track record in arranging and monitoring construction of ships and carriers of all types of tonnage, including off-the-shelf, specialized, and ‘one-off’ designs.


Libra Fearnley Energy is a fully owned subsidiary of Fearnleys with office in Paris supported by sister companies in London, Singapore, Houston and Santa Barbara. The offices are made up of experienced energy brokers supported by first class operators and serves clients around the world.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

With our sister company, Libra Fearnley, and its cargo brokering offices in Paris, Houston, London and Santa Barbara, the Fearngas worldwide LPG Team  offers our clients packages that are tailored to their needs. These packages combine shipping and products, from managing the movements of Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGCs) to helping establish local and coastal distribution networks in emerging areas where LPG demand often runs ahead of supply.

Along with our Fearnleys affiliates, Fearngas offers a wide range of services in the specialised sale and purchase of gas carriers, as well as in new building projects, including financing and re-financing options for ship owners.

Fearnleys is one of the oldest and most respected shipbroking companies in the world and is a pioneer in the field of gas shipping.  As part of Fearnleys, Fearngas strives to live up to the company’s traditions by maintaining the highest professional standards and discretion in its dealings with its clients. The company has established many long-standing and trusting relationships over the years because of this. 

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Fearnleys’ tanker department operates globally and is therefore able to service the needs of all our clients worldwide. Our comprehensive broking services include spot and period chartering of both crude and fuel oil as well as clean and specialized products. Our tanker department has an excellent reputation amongst both charterers and owners as a proactive shipbroking team offering high quality service and excellent market coverage.  

Fearnleys’ clients range from national oil companies to trading houses and independent ship owners. Our operations department is highly regarded and provides professional follow-up for all types of charter parties and contracts. Fearnleys’ research team, based at our Head Office in Oslo, is regarded as one of the world’s leading research divisions, providing analysis and forecasting for all sectors of the maritime industry. Since research and service provision are intertwined at Fearnleys, our tanker team is able to give our clients the best possible service.

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Dry Cargo

The world-wide presence of Fearnley’s Fearnbulk makes it possible for us to connect with our clients across different time zones, operating through a global network that allows us to build ongoing, close business relations at the local level throughout the world .

 Equally important, our clients acquire the help of our experienced post- fixture desks in ensuring smooth execution of these contracts and fulfilment of all their associated requirements.

Fearnbulk also draws on the expertise and resources of other Astrup Fearnley Group divisions and departments, especially the Research department, to provide expert advice on market drivers and trends. In cooperation with other departments, we offer concrete solutions for any maritime needs our clients may have, such as specialized transactions like sale and purchase, contracting, and finance.

The Fearnbulk services include everything from spot fixtures to long-term time charters and cargo contracts.

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Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO)

Fearnleys has worked in the Car Carrier and RORO sectors of the maritime industry for decades. We have built up and serviced a substantial clientele world-wide, and have gained an excellent reputation. Our activities include deep sea and short sea chartering, spot and period contracts, along with sale and purchase in conjunction with major players in the industry.

Cooperating with the Astrup Fearnley Group, Fearnley RORO  provides a comprehensive suite of services throughout the life cycle of each vessel, from financing of newbuilds to demolition. FearnleyRORO strives to be the preferred broker in the global Car/RORO industry, and this requires consistent, high quality, comprehensive service. Achieving and maintaining that status is our guiding principle.

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Fearnsale advises a diverse range of clients who are engaged in fleet planning. We help them acquire and dispose of vessels. Our world-wide service desks ensure unparalleled access to local markets, and this has inspired loyal support from our clients across the globe.  

We place great emphasis on advising our clientele about the timing of transactions. Our ambition is to add value thereby to any transaction in which we are involved. We also offer advice about financing and pricing as well as about technical and contractual terms.  Fearnsale’s experienced team has been providing ship valuations for decades, covering a wide range of sectors and with clients among the world's top shipping banks, financial institutions, and ship owners. 

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Fearnleys has been a pioneer in the gas carrier markets and continues to be one of the leading advisory, consulting, and brokering firms in the community. We are well known for LNG transportation and for floating LNG solutions.

Today we have a global network of LNG experts in seven offices covering all time-zones.

Our aim is to be our clients’ preferred advisers , focusing on adding commercial and strategic value to their decision-making and ensuring timely execution of their transactions. 

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Over the years, Fearnleys has established a long-standing relationship with all reputable shipyards worldwide. We are continually involved in all stages of negotiations for various newbuilding projects and carry on a constant dialogue with both shipbuilders and ship owners.  This has enabled Fearnleys to maintain strong relationships with all the relevant shipyards. Our presence and good standing with the yards has given us considerable commercial insight that we believe will benefit ship owners’ project  negotiations with any shipyard, as yards worldwide recognize and respect our knowledge and expertise in both technical and commercial matters.

Fearnleys has a strong presence in shipyards world-wide. We are continually performing due diligence and monitoring, which enables us to present and recommend the most qualified yards and construction sites for each client’s particular newbuilding project.

As part of our services we share our knowledge and expertise, as well as our lessons learned, to facilitate the newbuilding tender process. This expertise covers all technical, commercial, and contractual matters and allows us to act as an extension of our client’s newbuilding team.

Our experience contributes greatly to limiting our clients’ contracting and project risk, and it ensures smooth project execution.

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Energy Broking

Libra Fearnley Energy is an energy broker acting as intermediators between clients around the world trading in predominately LPG, Naphtha, Gasoil, Refinery Feedstocks and Residual Fuel Oils.

In addition to offering cargo broking services, Libra Fearnley Energy is also brokering derivatives in various listed oil products, predominately LPG and Naphtha.

Libra Fearnley Energy is servicing its clients from Paris, with support from sister companies in London, Houston, Singapore and Santa Barbara with proactive and experienced brokers and operators supported by the extensive resources from our parent, Fearnleys, such as Fearngas (LPG) and Research.

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Fearnleys Weekly Research

Fearnleys Research is a primary source of trade and fleet data, freight rate and market assessments. Since the early 1960´s we have provided at-a-glance updates for shipping executives and staff on a global scale.

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